Soccer Code of Conduct


The coaches and committee of Westville Old Boys objectives are to provide youngsters with an environment where development and fun go hand in hand.
The coaches and the committee are working towards:-

  1. Soccer skills development in providing soccer education for both players and coaches.
  2. Ensure that winning becomes a consequence of enjoyment and not the game objective.


With your active participation and support we will achieve this!


Requirements from your childs Coach


  1. Each age group has a number of coaches who have volunteered to coach our children. Leave the coaching to the coaches; please allow them to fulfil their portfolios uninterrupted.
  2. Should you wish to assist please discuss it with the respective coach prior to stepping in.
  3. When a player has too many coaches, it is confusing for them and their performance usually declines.
  4. Player cards. Please note that unless your child is registered and has a valid SAFA (South African Football Association) card with the coach he/she will not be permitted to play any matches.
  5. Please ensure that your child arrives for practice and matches wearing suitable soccer clothing including shin-pads and boots. (Match kit will be issued at the match.) Please ensure they also arrive with a soccer ball and a water bottle – time is wasted with children frequenting the water tap.
  6. Should your child not be able to attend any scheduled event, call or email your coach well ahead of the event. Team selection will be based on children who attend training on a regular basis.
  7. Team selection is the responsibility of the coaches and as a parent you may not always agree with the team selection. Please bear in mind that the coaches are doing their best in order to ensure that all our children get the best opportunity they can to play.
  8. Please ensure that you have your child present at the match venue at least 30 minutes before the match kick-off time. As with any sporting activity there is preparation and pre-match warm-up routine to be undertaken prior to the start of the match. Your late arrival not only puts the coach under undue pressure it also denies the other team members the full attention of the coach.
  9. When we signed our children up to play soccer, we all made a commitment to our children, the children of other clubs, our club and lastly DCLFA to play in matches. By not arriving at matches you are not only letting the children of your team down but also the children of the opposition team. Being able to field a team not only results in huge disappointment in the children that are available to play, it can also result in the whole club being expelled from the league. Please ensure that you honour your commitment!


Your behaviour as a Parent


  1. There are three key don’ts with respect to behaviour at matches that will not be tolerated.
  • The consumption of alcohol on the side line of the field is strictly forbidden.
  • Shouting abuse at any players. (That includes the opposition players as well.)
  • Engaging in any form of abuse with any officials or opposition supporters.
  1. Remember to keep soccer in its proper perspective. Soccer should not be larger than life for you. If your child’s performance produces strong emotions in you, suppress them. Remember your relationship will continue with your children long after their soccer days are over. Keep your goals and needs separate from your child’s experience.
  2. There are positive things you should do, to name a few :-
  • Be your child’s best fan, support your child unconditionally.
  • Encourage, encourage, encourage even when your child is have a disastrous day.
  • Support your childs team by attending and cheering all members of the team on. Your child’s team mates are not the enemy. When they are playing better than your child, your child now has a wonderful opportunity to learn.
  • Make your child proud of you by getting involved. Soccer is a social sport and the more involved you are the more both you and the soccer community benefit.
  • Lastly and most importantly……HAVE FUN, make the sport memorable for both your child and yourself.

Should you have suggestions or concerns with respect to our club in general, please feel free to email the Soccer Communications Liaison on the following link