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Treating Shin splints and rehab

Running-Shin-Splints-How-Prevent-ThemShin splints is the term commonly used to describe a more or less extreme pain and tenderness in an area of the shin from just above the ankle and extending approximately up to the middle of the shin bone. The scientific name for shin splints is medial tibial stress syndrome.  It is an irritation (inflammation) of the tibia, which is the casing (sheath) around the bone tissue.

Shin splints are often seen in athletes e.g. runners or team sports that require lots of running and repetitive motion such as basketball, soccer or cycling to name a few.

It happens over a period of time and is a result of  overuse of the calf muscles that are attached to the shin bones and not allowing sufficient time for the strained calf muscle tissue to recover and heal. It causes pain on the inside part of the lower leg  that gets worse when running or doing other weight-bearing exercises. Continue reading “Treating Shin splints and rehab”